Swimming is Great for Active Ageing

Water fashionistas

Water fashionistas

Staying mobile and staying social are a couple of the big issues that we all need to address as we age. If people haven’t exercised recently, are overweight, or suffer from injuries or arthritis, the gym or even walking may not be possible or comfortable

Water activities are often the perfect choice in these circumstances, but they also work really well for people who have none of the above, and are just looking for another way to stay active.

You can of course swim solo. Some people love to swim; some relish the uninterrupted meditative quiet time; and you can always swim with friends.  All great exercise, but not much fun.

Water aerobics or some sort of organized group class in water however, can be great fun and a real social outing.  And that’s all bonus, because the main purpose is to give you an excellent whole body workout.  I’ve included a YouTube video below just to give you an idea of what it might be like.

You’ll get lots of benefits when you start taking part in Water Activities.
You’ll Show Up
.  For the majority of people the biggest problem with exercise  is motivation. If it’s fun, it won’t be such a chore, and you’ll probably even look forward to going to your sessions.   So chances are you’ll show up more often and actually get the benefits on offer.

Improved Mood. It’s an easy way to have fun and make new friends. Most participants will have similarities to you, being restricted in some way.  They’ll also share your worries about what age has done to your bodies. So you can relax!

Healthy Heart. It may feel as though you’re just messing about, but working in water is deceptive.  You can get a very good cardio workout that elevates your heart rate and conditions your heart. It’ll work much more efficiently as it gets stronger.

using a noodleIncreased Mobility. Because the joints are cushioned by the water, it’s easier to move even painful ones. You soon find you can do things that normally you’re too sore or stiff to manage.

Muscle Strength. You can work muscles with more freedom of movement, and work them a lot harder, because there’s less restriction in water. So muscles become strong and flexiible.

Balance. Crucial as we age, because it’s often a simple fall that causes a broken leg and the start of a slippery slope into pain and despair. It’s very easy to improve balance in the pool because you don’t fall over the way you do when out of the water.
Stress-less. This sort of exercise isn’t stressful for mind or body. It’s relaxed, it’s warm and it’s fun.

duck to water

duck to water

So regardless of your stage of fitness, give exercise in the water a go – you’ll take to it like a duck to water!



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