Quick Pumpkin Soup


Pumpkin Soup in 10 minutes Pumpkin – enough – the smaller it’s chopped, the quicker it cooks. Around 250g per person Water just to float it 1/2 teaspoon of curry … Continue reading

Eating For One

“I can’t be bothered to cook JUST for me”    You hear it often.  Why is it that when people have to cook just for themselves, they often don’t eat properly? … Continue reading

Bread recipe

250g plain flour ( you can use up to half wholemeal for a very light and tasty bread) 1 pkt (7g) dry yeast or fresh yeast about 15g. 2 tablespoons … Continue reading


Swim your way to Fitness. It may be years since you splashed out in the pool.  Well it’s a great way to loosen up those aching joints and have some fun … Continue reading

More Salads


Infinite Variety You can’t have too many salads  IF you use a bit of imagination when you make them. A good salad can consist of the same old things you’ve … Continue reading