Chocolate – Food of the Gods

Chocolate shoe

Chocolate is no ordinary food.
It’s not something you can leave, something you like only moderately. You don’t ‘like’ chocolate. You don’t even ‘love’ chocolate. Chocolate is something you have an affair with.

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Flaubert Museum

If  blood and gore are your bag, you’ll love the Flaubert museum (Musée Flaubert et d’histoire de la Médecine) You’ll find it in Rouen, that lovely small medieval town in France, just … Continue reading

Get Fit – At Any Age

Walk the dogs

We all really need to include some serious exercise in our lives, and if you find it challenging (or even if you don’t) there’s an easier and more efficient way … Continue reading

Pears That Multi-task


Given the title, you might think this is a story about pears.  Actually it’s about dessert. And breakfast. And lunch. And sauces too. Pears are one of the truly versatile … Continue reading

Necessary Treats

Treats ready to eat

Being healthy, especially when you’re new to it, can be plain hard work.  It’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed, and feeling that the joy of food has disappeared overnight. So … Continue reading

Seniors With Attitude

Aging with Attitude

People with attitude are always so much more interesting than those without, don’t you think? As we age, we have to remember that it’s no longer fashionable to become invisible. … Continue reading