Retirement is Just the Beginning

Welcome to all those fabulous people who weren’t born yesterday!
Even if you are a bit of a wreck! But maybe you’re not, and maybe you will change your mind about what’s possible when you watch the YouTube video below.

Originally there was a much longer programme, but it’s been taken down.  So I’ve included a link to a long article from the UK Daily Mail – Daily Online. If you enjoy the video, click the link below it, and you can read the rest.

Link to Article in DailyOnline here

You might be newly retired or contemplating it, and wondering how you’ll manage.  Well, I’m here to tell you, it is (or CAN be) a fabulous and exciting era in your life.  It may even turn out to be the best bit, regardless of what popular wisdom says on the subject

While life may be interesting, it’s often puzzling as well, and it’s nice to find that maybe there are others in a similar place.

Do take a few minutes to have a look at this extraordinary video; it’s a bit slow to start, but worth the patience. You’ll never think about ageing in quite the same way!!!I’m on the look-out for articles on Health, Food, Travel and things that interest us. I’ll also be doing some reviews of products that you might find valuable.

Tell me what interests you; how you see the world; what you do to deal with this amazing process called ageing. There are lots of us out there, so lets share our wisdom. Please send your comments, emails or items of interest, so we can all share them.

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