Make Your Own Blog

It seems as though just about everyone either already has, or plans to have a blog. What about you?

It’s not such a difficult thing to do for yourself, and with that in mind, I’m planning to start a blog on “how to make your own blog”  I’m going to publish it in a week’s time on my website:  Sue
I’ll start a new one for myself so you can see it from start to finish.  Each day I’ll do a bit more so you can work along with me.

Meanwhile, think up a topic that you’d like to blog about, and get some ideas together by looking at a few sites… your topic and see how others have approached it, then gather your ideas together.


Seniors Want To Blog Too

Keeping a blog is an ideal way
to remember what you did!

Just because you’re a senior, doesn’t mean you don’t want to keep in touch.
Doesn’t mean you don’t want to document stuff.

It’s lovely to be able to look back and remember the detail of special occasions or travels that you’ve enjoyed, and a really easy and efficient way to do it is to have a blog.

Sometimes when you go away, it’s a pain trying to keep in touch with everyone, and at the same time, manage to enjoy it all without getting stressed.

When you have a blog that you update often, everyone can read it at their leisure, and you only have to write it once.  The best part is though, when you finally get home, and can’t remember one day from the next, you’ll have a record of it all.

You can easily put in  photos too, so it’s a complete record.

And it’s almost free.  Well, it is if you set it up yourself.  If that seems too hard, let me do it for you.
For not very much, I’ll personalize you a blog that can have as much or as little as you’d like.

You might even decide to continue writing it, and maybe even turn it into a money-making venture.  Who can tell what might happen once you start?


Pocket Money

A lot of Seniors suddenly discover the unpleasant reality of no income.  While you’re still earning, you may think you can live on not too much.
The reality, however, may be a bit different, and you could be scratching around looking for ways to earn some income.   And by now, you’ve discovered the pleasure of not having a JOB.
What to do?
There are lots of ways to get income streams happening, even without money to invest.
Here are some ideas to start you off.

  • Blogging
  • Working on Freelance Networks
  • Affiliate marketing

Many of you will go pale at the very idea, but actually it’s not that hard, as I’m going to show you.

Blogging can be easy and fun, particularly if you have something you’re really good at or interested in.  Remember the film Julie and Julia? A perfect example of what can happen.  But that was a rather unusual example perhaps,and most of us are not going to become instant filmstars.  More likely you would either sell your own or someone else’s products or services.

It’s not very difficult to set up a good quality site, and if you can’t do it yourself, I’m just the person to do it for you.  Not expensive either. Have a look here to see what I can do for you.

Freelance Networks are places where you can bid on freelance jobs or every imaginable sort.  To start with, you may be offered a pitiful amount, but as a way in, it’s worth putting up with.  Once you get some feedback, you’ll get better jobs and better rates of pay.

Places such as  offer this opportunity.  You probably won’t make your fortune, but you never know.

Join and list a profile, and they’ll send emails to you when jobs matching your profile come up.

Affiliate marketing is when you sell other people’s products, but without physically handling them.  You provide a link to the product, and the buyer is taken to the seller’s website.  If the person buys, you will be paid a commission.
There are billions of products that are available to sell in this way, including those from  big trusted names like Amazon.
This is the best of all the opportunities, and I’ll talk more about it in upcoming posts.

Over time I’m going to talk in detail about these methods, and many of you will be able to simply go ahead and do them.