I’m a newly seventy senior, who’s proving that its possible to teach old dogs new tricks by producing this website myself.

Even at this stage of life, there’s fun to be had trying new things, and if you’d like your own website or blog, just ask!

I’ll set you one up that you’ll be able to use to keep in touch or keep a journal.  Or even, make some money. All  you need is a bit of patience.

But it’s pretty exciting to have a new baby at this stage of life. Have a look at www.suewaterworth.com

With a background ranging across nursing, catering, writing and massage, I’ve got a deep interest in Wellbeing, based on good Lifestyle and Nutrition.  So I look forward to sourcing pearls from who knows where, that will grab and keep your interest.

But I won’t just rely on my own knowledge – there’ll be input from local and international experts in all sorts of areas. I also hope there’ll be input from you, the reader, too.

I had a rather old photo of myself because I wanted to hide for a bit longer. But yesterday, I decided it was time for an update – i’m definitely not 30 any more!

 Unable to manage the thought of facing a camera, I did it myself using the self-timer on my camera.
Tick! Another new skill under the belt. It’s a fascinating thing to do.  The weird thing was that the photos kept on being of an”old lady”!

Please feel free to talk to me, either by email or using the box on the contact page.  Tell me what you’d most like to hear about; what your biggest problems with seniority are;  what the fantastic things about attaining senior status are.

I’d like to implement your ideas so that this becomes a more focused and enjoyable place to come.

There will also be reviews of products that I think you might find interesting, and if you want to know about anything in particular, ask me to do a review for you.

Ageing is a bit weird, not something you come prepared for, so I hope you’ll be able to find lots of interesting stuff here that helps to put it into some sort of context.

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